Monday, February 04, 2013

House Minority Leader Rep. Paul Davis' latest from the $480 Million Tea Pot Dome:

Sometimes you have to consider the loyal opposition, even when feeling disloyal:

Rep. Davis writes below: 

UPDATE: Today the Kansas House passed House Bill 2022 by a vote of 91-29, which enables employers to automatically deduct employee wages for services owed (loans, equipment, etc). This might have more merit if it didn't come at the heels of House Bill 2023, which denies payroll deduction to teachers and public employees for union dues. With these two bills, the far right says it's ok for employers to have access to payroll deduction, but it's not ok for employees to have it. The next anti-worker bill in the queue is House Bill 2085, which bans collective bargaining for teachers. I'll keep you posted on this. 

More from Davis at his Facebook page, click here.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

What the Brit's listen to during their commute home for the weekend!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Withering words printed by Wichita Eagle Editorial Board on Gov. Brownback's "experiment"

My Comment posted as a reply to “Practical” who asked for solutions after reading Phillip Brownlee’s Ed/Op from the Wichita Eagle editorial board. The article, “Policies tough on poor” appeared in 09 Jan. 2013.

Stop kicking kids out of schools and into jails.

Provide free contraception to the poor, including early abortions and basic health care at every county health department.

Provide tuition free, examination based university educations for people who can't afford it.

Promote employers to pay living wages and encourage collective bargaining in the workplace.

Stop private equity hedge fund "managers" from taking over businesses as most recently happened to Hostess with more than 800 jobs lost in Kansas, last month.

Enact laws to make transparent public banking institutions, as done in North Dakota for decades, to encourage Kansans to bank with the state of Kansas.

Demand from all members of our Kansas congressional delegates at the federal level to cut "defense" spending by at least 50%, shut down the 800-plus U. S. military bases abroad and stop private arms dealing outside the borders of the U. S.

Stop the gangster racket of campaign donors with limited time campaign periods and guarantee news media rich debates moderated by the League of Women Voters, instead of state fair circus stunts at Hutchinson during the livestock awards.

Break the energy monopolies with tax credits, home and farm loans for solar and wind generated power into the grid, force the utility companies to pay an equitable return. They pay power producers a pittance now.

Encourage Victory Gardens and local grown produce of all types to be traded across the state, especially in the urban cores.

Start a homestead, farmstead program for the unemployed and homeless, seizing land being wasted and redistributing it downward.

All these are solutions that work, and are working in many former Banana Republics, which is what Brownbackistan a/k/a Kansas has become.

Did I hear someone ask about "gun violence"? Check out this eloquent message from a talented musician and world traveler at:

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