Thursday, July 05, 2012

Featured Guest: Mayor Christine Williams, The LeRoy Show, Episode No. 2, 28 June 2012

Welcome to Mayor Christine's Pizza Parlor!

We were very happy to feature Mayor Christine Williams, and her Pizza Parlor on LeRoy's Main Street for the June 28th, 2012 episode of our show!

If you would like to listen to it click here.  While there also jot down and try Kay and Harry Arnold's recipe for BBQ sauce and seasoned hamburgers circa 1950s. Where would they get "mangos" back then?

Harry Arnold was for many years postmaster at the LeRoy post office.

If you would like to visit and learn about our hometown  LeRoy, Kansas go to the City Hall web site, it never closes. Click here.  

There you can find a short historical narrative of how LeRoy came to be named and what events are scheduled, the businesses there and much more.

Even the cook is friendly!
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