Friday, July 06, 2012

Films for Action: "Finding Sustainable Communities"

Monday July 9th. 7pm.
Film Screening of "Within Reach: One Couple's Journey to Find Sustainable Community"
Liberty Hall. 644 Mass St. Lawrence, KS. $7 admission. Featuring a post Q&A discussion with one of the film-makers: Ryan Mlynarczyk 
Watch the trailer plus full event details:

Visit their sweet website:

Synopsis: In celebration and exploration of all things green, Within Reach follows two bicyclists on a year-long journey around the United States to share what they've learned about sustainable communities. They’ve traveled more than 6,000 miles to visit and film 100 sustainable communities of all types, working to capture in film the abundance of community-oriented solutions out there that are already working.

"This is a magnificently subversive film. By the time you're done watching it, you're going to want to try out some of these new ways of living. So if you're 100% sure you've got all you want right now, don't watch it!" -Bill McKibben, founder of

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