Saturday, August 04, 2012

Correction: Number of U. S. population served in armed services during WWII

The number cited of U. S. citizens serving in World War Two during the August 2, 2012 LeRoy Show was incorrect. 

The attributed number who served is 16,596,639 based on U. S. government data. 

Estimates for number of people killed during the war vary from 64 - 85 million deaths worldwide. The majority were civilians and the total number of people killed based on a country by country tabulation equals 2.5 % of the 1939 world population.  

See these figures and much more at the Wikipedia web page.

Ken Burns documentary "The War" airs intermittently at your local PBS affiliates. The embedded link above provides useful information, viewing schedule and a "making of" video for free viewing.

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